Our Team

Our Panama travel consultants know Panama intimately from repeated visits and longtime stays. We are Panama Travel Experts and continue to spend time in Panama on a regular base. Our Panama travel division knows how important a well-planned vacation is and we are listening to your ideas to incorporate them into your itinerary. We strive to prefer the perfect travel itinerary from arrival to departure for you.

Panama Specialists

Ana Cetina
Ms. Ana Cetina is a Central American specialist living in Guatemala City. Born and raised in Guatemala, she has visited all other countries in Central America and is eager to share her knowledge about tourism in Panama. Ana is a travel advisor with Enjoy since 2005. Her studies were focused on tourism and languages. Her travel experience also includes Mexico and Europe and she knows what people need when traveling away from home.

Pepe Strub
Mr. Pepe Strub is a Panama and Switzerland specialist and knows the entire Central American region very well. Originally from Basel, Switzerland he first visited Central America in 1992. He found the natural beauty of Costa Rica enchanting and decided to move there in 1994. He spends several month in Panama every year. Earlier in his career Pepe was employed by several Swiss companies focusing on sales and marketing. His expertise includes tourism, banking, manufacturing and trade, and communications and his fluency in four languages has contributed to his success in arranging travel for clients from all over the world.

Fabiola Cetina
Born and raised in Guatemala, Fabiola is a Belize, Panama and Guatemala travel consultant. She has being working in the tourism industry since 2016. She worked for over 20 years in a prestigious bank of Guatemala until she decided that it was time to start a new adventure and tourism was something she was looking to do. She has visited Belize and Panama to perfect her knowledge of these destinations and to become a specialist. She has passion for traveling and loves to assist clients with their ideas and preferences.