Birding in Panama

Bird Watching

Panama City
Western Panama
Azuero Peninsula
Darien Province

Gamboa National Park
Soberania National Park
Los Quetzales Trail
Metropolitan Park

750 species

Overview of Birding in Panama

Panama is one of the best destinations in the world for Bird Watching. Panama’s Natural Parks invite with their trails to see Humming birds, owls, toucans, Wood-warblers, brown-backed Dove, Spinetail, Yellow-green Tyrannulet, Parakeet, Pirre Bush-Tanager, Torgons, Parrots, Buffbirds, and Quetzals to name a few. The Global Big Day ranked Panama 6th just before Mexico and Costa Rica, with 750 species seen.

There are many birding spots in Panama. If you like birding but don’t want to be out in the jungle all night, you can stay in Panama City and go birdwatching spots during the day at one of the National Parks nearby. Among the best places to go Bird Watching are Gamboa National Park and Soberania National Park near Panama City. In western Panama, near to Costa Rica, you will find Los Quetzales Trail, Volcan and Las Lajas and in the Darien Province at the border with Colombia. Other birding spots are found in the Azuero peninsula, Metropolitan Park, Pipeline Road, Cerro Azul, and much more.

The best time for Bird Watching in Panama is during dry season between December and March. But you can also go bird watching between March and June at the beginning of the raining season. During the rainy season you will see fewer birds than in other months. In October you will be able to see raptors during the bird's migration to the south.