Playa Blanca Panama

Southwest Panama
Province of Cocle


Playa Blanca, Panama Vacation Guide

Approximately a two hour's drive west of Panama City along the Pacific Coast, you will find the several miles of beaches referred to as Playa Blanca and the village of Farallon. Visitors to Panama have a nice choice of lodging options, from smart all inclusive resorts such as the Playa Blanca Resort, or the deluxe beach community of Buenaventura. Playa Blanca beach is easily reached from the Panamericana Highway after passing smaller destinations and beaches such as Coronado, San Carlos and Santa Clara.

Playa Blanca is clean and safe to swim and the area is great to enjoy the warm and peaceful waters of the the Pacific Ocean. Other activities along the beach along Playa Blanca include hiking, sailing, kayaking, golf, horseback riding, jet skis, beach volleyball and much more boating and fishing.

Travelers can also drive within one hour to visit the mountain village of El Valle, situated in an extinct, prehistoric volcanic crater. El Valle is a very fertile valley filled with bright flowers, lots of trees and various species of animals including the golden frog. From above and driving down into El Valle, this valley looks like a huge broccoli field – most of the houses are surrounded by trees that make for a green and unspoiled impression. An additional highlight of El Valle is the local market which is held every Sunday morning in the market place in the center of town. Next to vegetables, fruit, plants and flowers, you can find handicrafts such as wooden bowls, paintings on wood, hammocks, molas, baskets and ceramics. Prices are usually negotiable. The popularity of the market has encouraged a string of handicrafts shops to open nearby.

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