David, Panama

Western Panama
Population: 144,858
Elevation: 6 m/20 ft

Playa Barqueta

David, Panama Vacation Guide

David is the third largest city in Panama and the capital of the Chiriqui province. It is a very convenient stop over point for several important destinations within Chiriqui, such as the flower and coffee highlands of Boquete and Cerro Punta. It is located 45 minutes from Paso Canoas, the border of Costa Rica and you can also drive to Bocas del Toro via David with your rental car.

The city of David is on the coastal plain. It is a market town and center for the thriving farming industry that is the main economic activity of the Chiriqui province. David is not quite a frontier town, but the feeling is there. It is a regional commercial and processing center. Raising cattle is the principal occupation in the region, but tropical fruits, coffee, cacao, and sugar are also produced. The city is surrounded by the beautiful and picturesque highlands of Chiriqui.

In the center of town you will find the central park. Here locals come to visit or just to relax under the shade of the trees. Street vendors will shine your shoes or sell you a cold drink, a freshly cracked coconut or the juice from sugar cane grounded on the spot. In March David hosts the Feria Internacional de David, where International companies exhibit their products and services to Panama. The Childrens Day Festival is held on or around July 17th every year.

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