Boquete Panama

Chiriqui Province
Western Panama
Volcan Baru highest elevation 3,474 meters (11,398 ft)

Boquete Panama

Immerse yourself in the cool, crisp mountain air of Boquete, a charming town nestled amidst the lush green highlands of Chiriquí Province, Western Panama. You will discover breathtaking landscapes, rich with coffee plantations and the towering Barú Volcano and Los Quetzales Trail, which offers sightings of the elusive quetzal bird. North of town, the Bajo Mono Loop drive has expansive views of the forest. Boquete Panama is a very popular escape for both locals and tourists seeking a break from the heat.

Things to do in Boquete Panama

Hiking the Baru Volcano
Hiking to the summit of Baru Volcano is a popular activity, providing panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea on clear days. This is the highest point in Panama with 3474 meters.

Tour a Coffee Plantation
Boquete is a significant coffee-producing region and visitors can explore coffee plantations to learn about the coffee production process. You will learn how coffee is grown, harvested, and processed.

Caldera Hot Springs
Relax in the natural thermal pools surrounded by lush vegetation.

Boquete Panama is an excellent destination for spotting various bird species. There are over 500 species of birds including toucans, parakeets, hummingbirds and most famously, the resplendent quetzal.

Adventure Tours
Hiking trails, white-water rafting, canopy tours and horseback riding are among some of the tours available in this area.

Boquete tours to other destinations nearby

Visit Volcan
Located about 30 minutes southeast of Boquete, Volcan is a charming town nestled at the base of the Baru Volcano. It offers a tranquil atmosphere, beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, and opportunities for hiking and birdwatching in the nearby Volcan Baru National Park.

As the capital of the Chiriqui Province, David is the largest city in western Panama and is approximately a 45-minute drive from Boquete. It offers a bustling commercial center, cultural attractions, and opportunities for shopping and dining. You can also explore local markets, such as the Mercado Central, to experience authentic Panamanian culture.

Santa Catalina
If you're interested in surfing or beach relaxation, Santa Catalina is a coastal town located about 3-4 hours southwest of Boquete. It's renowned for its world-class surfing spots, particularly at Playa Santa Catalina and nearby breaks like Punta Brava and La Punta.

Boca Chica
Located about 2-3 hours south of Boquete, Boca Chica is a gateway to the Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park. This coastal town offers opportunities for sportfishing, snorkeling, diving, and exploring uninhabited islands and secluded beaches.

Cerro Punta
Situated at a higher elevation than Boquete, Cerro Punta is a small town known for its cooler climate and agricultural production, particularly strawberries and other fruits. It's a picturesque destination surrounded by lush cloud forests, approximately a 45-minute drive from Boquete.

Location and Map

Boquete is 7 hours away from Panama city by land (482 kms.) The best way to get from Panama City to Boquete is by flying. It will take 1 hour. Once in David you can arrange for an airport private transfer or rent a car. Boquete is 48 kms away from David. Copa Airlines and Air Panama both service flights from Panama City to David.

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