Best places to visit in Panama


Panama is best known for the Panama Canal but you will find much more than that. Night life, world class shopping, rainforest, beaches, islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific Oceans, culture and history can all be found in or within short distances of Panama City. Just outside the capital’s limits on the Pacific Coast you will find white sand beaches and blue water. The Caribbean side of Panama is a relatively a new destination and still very wild and enchanting.

The rainforest can be found in one of the many national parks of Panama. Visitors will find an abundance of wild life and flora. Top destinations for people looking for nature are Boquete, the Darien and el Valle de Anton to name a few. At the Metropolitan Natural Park travelers can experience rain forest bordering Panama City!

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is both an engineering marvel and one of the most significant waterways on earth. The Canal locks at Miraflores are on the northeastern fringe of Panama City, where a platform offers visitors a good view of the locks in operation. There is also a museum which documents of the Panama Canal History and other pertinent Panama Canal facts including a model of the canal expansion.

Panama City

Panama City is a city of easy cosmopolitan living, a combination of the historic and the ultra-modern. And it is also one of the safest cities in the Americas. Besides the canal, there are three parts of Panama City to be discovered: the historical ruins of the 16th century called Panama Viejo, the 17th century Spanish Colonial Casco Viejo part of the city and the modern skyscraper city with its prosperous business district and a city center full of live and cultural delights.

El Valle de Anton

El Valle is one of the most special destinations in Panama. Only two hours away from Panama City, it is also a perfect weekend escape from Panama's lowland heat! El Valle is a fertile volcanic valley filled with bright flowers, square trees and golden frogs. Looking into El Valle it looks like a huge broccoli field – most of the houses are surrounded by trees that make for a green and unspoiled impression. The temperatures are moderate throughout the year and it cools down at night.

San Blas / Guna Yala

San Blas is an indigenous territory located northeast of Panama. It includes over 360 islands, most of them are uninhabited. It is an indigenous territory with its own government. Only the Kuna people are allowed to invest and own business in the Kuna territory. All the hotels and lodging options belong to the Kuna. Hotels are simple and ecofriendly; built by locals in Indigenous style. Enjoy the sun and relax in one of the beautiful islands.

Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is located in the northwest of Panama. It is an archipelago in the Caribbean coast with a section of mainland. On the mainland you will find lush biodiverse rainforest and beaches which are peaceful, fun, tranquil, adventurous and/or isolated. In the island’s tropical forest you will find different species of plans like oak, yellow tree, carb wood, between others. You will also find reptiles, marine turtles, and other amphibians.

The islands are beautiful and very different. The main island is Colon, home of the capital Bocas del Toro or Bocas Town.  Other important island is Isla Bastimentos, part of the Bastimentos National Park. The park also includes Zapatilla Cays and mangroves that surround the island.

Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast of Panama stretches for hundreds of kilometers and is home of several islands and beaches. Between the most important beaches in the Pacific Coast are: the Pearl Islands, Coiba, Boca Chica, Taboga, Isla Iguana and others. The Pacific Coast is more developed than the Caribbean Coast.

Just two hours from the city you will find beautiful beaches. Coronado and Playa Blanca are two of the most visited beaches with world class hotels and resorts.  If you travel southern of Panama City you will find Azueros Peninsula, here you will find the best places to surf in Panama.


Boquete is a popular destination for tourist seeking cooler temperatures than the ones found in the lowland’s. Here the temperature varies from 61 to 75 F.  It is a beautiful area surrounded by mountains and the Baru volcano. In Boquete you can experience nature first hand and also practice golf, rafting, hiking, zip lining, biking and other outdoor activities. The Festival of Flowers and Coffee is the main attraction and it is held in January.


Darien Province has the largest national park in Panama. Due to the diversity of species, ecosystems and genetic legacy it is one of the most important World Heritages sites in Central America. The Cana Environmental Center and Scientific Station is located in the park with borders with Colombia to the East. This province is better suited for adventurous travelers and lovers of nature. We do not recommend visiting this area without a professional guide which has experience and excellent knowledge of the area.

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