We picked Panama for our vacation because I’ve always wanted to see the Panama Canal which I believe is the modern wonder of the world.

I typically like planning and booking on my own. But from reviews, i decided to look into Absolute Travel for our Panama vacation. I emailed them and was surprised at an immediate response from Ana. She was very responsive and precise and knew exactly what to include for our trip. For the next two weeks, we exchanged emails to nail down the details. Ana is very detail oriented which is so necessary when traveling abroad. We are back from our Panama trip. Everything worked out as planned. The Panamanian local agency, Receptour, was excellent. Ana Quintero and Antonio were outstanding and helped with all our needs. I was totally satisfied with the entire trip! Thanks to Ana & Ana!

I recommend visiting the Panama Canal early in the morning at 8am to see ships being operated in the canal. Best to inquire on the ships’ schedule before fixing a time to visit.

Panama is a beautiful country! It was much better than expected. The people are extremely nice and there is a lot of humor. It seems like a happy country! Everyone I met were very friendly and helpful. I can see why Americans have found this to be a great place to retire! It caters to everyone’s interests. If you are a city person there is Panama City: and if you are a mountain/countryside person,  there is Boquete! And if you are an ocean person there is Bocas del Toro! The internal transportation is very well organized and we flew with no issues. I highly recommend adding Panama to your bucket list.